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Alice Guy Blaché: Lost Visionary of the Cinema - Alison McMahan - Google книги

Pioneering Franco-American filmmaker Alice Guy was never completely forgotten. Her movies would be mentioned by legendary directors like Hitchcock and Eisenstein in their memoirs. Every so often, over the decades of her life and in the 50 years since her death, some archivist or historian would seek to give her the due she was owed — first female writer-director-producer-editor, first female head of production, etc.

But the slights, omissions and outright sexist erasures of her name from the historical record ruled the day — a century of days. Until now. Filmmaker Pamela B. There was no avoiding the posing and presentational acting of her day. Dick Whittington and His Cat. Archive: GBB.

Alice Guy Blaché

Cupid and the Comet. Archive: DEI. Greater Love Hath No Man. Archive: USL. Mixed Pets. Archive: USW. Outwitted by Horse and Lariat. Archive: DEB. When Marian was Married. Across the Mexican Line. Archive: PC.

Alice Guy Blaché

Broken Oaths. Canned Harmony. US cas.

A Comedy of Errors. Falling Leaves. Fight in the Dark. A Fool and His Money. For Love of the Flag. The Girl in the Arm-Chair. The High Cost of Living. Making an American Citizen. Archive: USR. The New Love and the Old. The Sewer. Archive: USM. The Strike.

A Severe Test. Archive: EmGee.

Occupation: assistant directors

The Coming of Sunbeam. His Double. A House Divided. Archive: FRL. The Thief. Bruce Wins at Cards. The Ocean Waif.

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The Lost Garden: The Life and Cinema of Alice Guy-Blaché (1995)

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