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The value here is that this is one of the few accounts from that time and place.

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If one balances what one reads with accounts from the native American side, say accounts of Sand Creek and Wounded Knee, it would be apparent that savagery was perpetrated on both sides, and that understanding history is rarely comfortable. Reading accounts from the time will not spare our sensibilities, but it is still the best way to find out what really happened. Still, I would caution those who need "safe spaces" from modern life or those with difficulty dealing with unvarnished life to avoid this book because nothing is spared here in description. Jul 01, John Rhoads rated it really liked it.

Fascinating, and revealing I have visited the Willamette valley and certainly appreciate the perspective of individual that was present during this time. I have the feeling that we visited the old grits mill referred to in Portland Oregon. Had a very pleasant lunch there and will return again one day. That valley is one the most scenic in u. Feb 03, Darcy Delany rated it really liked it. A sobering read. This account gives a glimpse of the hardships of life along the Oregon Trail and the horrors of the Whitman massacre.

It is hard to imagine the terror that Catherine and other children experienced as they sat for days, expecting to be killed. A story of survival that gives you a sense of perspective about lesser challenges you might be facing. Aug 05, Russell G Edwards rated it it was amazing. Disgruntled Indians wage bloody war upon peaceful settlers. One crazed Indian comments murder and mayhem upon the peaceful residents, slaughtering them without mercy wherever they can be found. Nov 30, A. Rohl rated it it was amazing. Fast reading historical encounter.

Across The Plains In 1844

No long drawn out gorry details. Felt the impact of horrible situation and sacrifice these early pioneer's suffered in opening of the early untamed west.

Oct 08, Tammy rated it really liked it. Firsthand accounts of hardship and trials of the Sager family by Catherine Sager Pringle. Aug 17, Tamera Risenmay rated it it was amazing. History by a young girl The history coming from the view of such a young girl was so interesting. It was very short. I would have liked to read more of her life.

Mar 10, Shannon Winkelman rated it it was amazing. Amazing Storyat What a thrilling first-hand account of life on the Oregon trail!

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The hardships this young woman experienced are almost unimaginable. Jun 04, Ashley Hathaway rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. Read this as a followup to "Treasured Grace" by Tracie Peterson. A very brief accounting of Catherine's journey along the Oregon Trail. I assume she's written this after the fact since her speech and grammar are more advanced than that of a petrified year-old. During her account of the Whitman Massacre, she was obviously in shock and therefore wrote with few details, leaving me kind of wishing for more.

Although the events during the 2 weeks she was in captivity were horrific, I followed up b Read this as a followup to "Treasured Grace" by Tracie Peterson. Although the events during the 2 weeks she was in captivity were horrific, I followed up by reading about it in Wikipedia. It provided a better understanding as to the Indian's motivation behind the attack so you can understand how the events played out and why. To quote Mrs. Mar 03, Tina rated it really liked it.

An engrossing account of tragedy in a young girl's life whose family traveled the Oregon Trail. The reality of this memoir is staggering to comprehend in such a young girl's life. The trail ride, living at the mission, and personal account of an Indian massacre combine into an account that informs and shocks the reader with such a vast amount of tragedies in such a short period of time. Jun 01, Janie R. A book that entails the journey of families attempting to travel West despite the dangers involved.

Sager described her father as restless,on the move to the next place. I felt for the wife and the seven children who had to suffered such a long journey. A journey that ended tragically, with just a younger sister and herself as survivors. Apr 29, Robin Thomas rated it did not like it. A family on the Oregon Trail and their hardships death, massacre, etc.

Told by one of the surviving daughters. It's interesting from the point of the child and is written very matter of factly. It's obvious from my rating that I didn't like it much at all. Some parts of it didn't even seem to make sense, like parts were being left out. Jun 15, Nicholas Maulucci rated it liked it. I hope to read several more books of this genre in the near future. Dec 27, John Hixson rated it it was amazing.

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All I can say is.. What a story for a little girl to have had to endure. Why these parents took their children on such a dangerous adventure is beyond me. First hand witness account. This is Catherine's journal describing her early life coming across the plains to Oregon. Tragic story, but told in a matter-of-fact manner that had no self-pity.

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Especially sad is that she took these horrible events as just as it is, and really did not know that this was not how life is. Oct 18, Breanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: memoirs. This tragic first hand account of the Orgon Trail and the Whitman Massacre was short, but difficult to read. Living was hard and many sacrificed so much even their lives in spreading the Gospel and in chasing their dreams.

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I am thankful for those who paved the way for us in so many ways. Apr 09, Kirsten E.

Hughes rated it really liked it. Highly recommended Even though the book is short, it tells a he story and gives a clear picture of Pioneer life. Saver was a brave woman, a true role model. Worth the time to read.

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Jan 01, Kris Pate rated it really liked it. Almost more honesty than a human should have to share. I can't even imagine the horror and sadness this poor woman had to endure. A reminder that our lives are almost too easy compared to our ancestors. Feb 27, Tonya Bowles rated it it was amazing.

Very entertaining and short account. Excellent writing in a woman's voice in the old West. The publishers notes are a big help to give this diary perspective. You will surely enjoy being transported to another time.