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I will listen to this one again I really enjoyed this book - and Rebecca Lowman did an excellent job of the narration.

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Interesting storyline - and Roberts drew interesting and enjoyable characters. Totally enjoyable listen, didn't want to stop till the last chapter was complete! Reading this gave me a new interesting insight into someone. The very feisty, independent Rowan is a Missoula. It follows Nora Roberts formula of happy independent woman meets the man of our dreams. The use em for sex toughness of Rowan as she performs a job that makes most men cringe is coarse, funny and a leader. Gulliver is a green rookie jumper. I used to skydive and relive the thrill of it with her.

My spouse fought forest fires. I now have a great respect for the job he did in the years of our marriage. I translated each leg hardening move these dedicated Federal employees do to a personal growth in love of the man with whom I have shared my last 34 years. My own Gull.

I have been waiting for this one to come out and it was definitely worth the wait!! It was a wonderful combination of suspense and romance and I especially enjoyed the double romance that brewed throughout the story. I really enjoyed watching the way the relationship between a father and daughter can change without destroying it and that people need to accept these changes so everyone can be happy. Even old foggies like me need love too.

Great job!!! I am a huge Nora Roberts fan but this book was just okay. She used a LOT of descriptive imagery for the fire and other scenic sites which when used sparingly is good but was definitely overkill in this book. A lot of foul language Narrator was okay.

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Overall book was not a favorite of mine I should have taken the other reader reviews to heart and saved the credit. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not? I normally like Nora Roberts. She researches her topics well, gets the details right. But I'm pretty bored with the over-done sex scenes. Maybe there are a lot of sad, desperate women out there who need and want this much vicarious sex --but not me.

I learned a lot about the lives and tribulations of fire jumpers. Would you be willing to try another book from Nora Roberts? Yes, she develops great characters. If this book were a movie would you go see it? Not the best of Nora, but okay. Actually, I listened to this one twice in a row! It was a great listen. The reader's voice was easy to listen to.

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The book flowed well, and the subplots were easy to follow. Try it, you'll like it! Great job by both Nora and narrator! Many twist and turns.

When you think you know I've liked all of the Nora Roberts books I've listened to so far. But some are still better than others. This one is one of the better ones, typical of NR, she has reseached a lot of background , this time about smoke jumpers, which makes the exciting story interesting too. Already a good book by a great author. Has been made more so by wonderful narrator. Not the greatest literature ever but a really good deck chair listen - keeps you listening. I felt the book was too long winded, I kept listening but it was a relief when it finished!

Unless you want to fall out of a plane into a burning landscape, this book is the next best thing. Ms Roberts respect and admiration for the job these amazingly brave and dedicated men and women do is clear in every page. Good story, excellent characterisation, a real page turner! And sometimes I do wonder in these days whether women do need these strong but so understanding men, but they still seem to be stalking.

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And I guessed far too early who our bad person was. Will probably try another but will return this. The story had so many twists and was so long it dragged in places. The narrator was excellent and the fire stories sounded well researched and detailed. My first Nora book, surprised me with its language and enabled me to understand her popularity.

How she writes so many long books I'll never know. Narration superb too. More of a romance than a thriller, not worth it if you like being surprised. It was fascinating hearing about fire jumpers. What a career both terrifying and satisfying. I have read many of her books but this was a fav! Gripping to the end! Your audiobook is waiting…. Chasing Fire.


By: Nora Roberts. He's actually been making his own effervescent pop for some time, and his latest single "Chasing Fire" is now out everywhere. A musician for most of his life, Lauv began playing the piano at age five and then switched to guitar and viola, of all instruments. From there I learned how to record and produce, was playing in bands, etc. When he moved to New York for College, he began producing for other people, and wasn't planning on working on his own music until he wrote his single "The Other". His debut single "I Like Me Better" has become a viral mega-hit, boasting millions of Spotify streams.

Fiery, emotional, fanatical, extreme to the nth degree!! The story plays out like the wildfire its about. Starts out with a small flame but soon you are engulfed and overtaken with the intensity of fiery emotions wondering how you are going to survive. This book was crazy good. The majority of the characters from both the I-Team and Colorado High Country get equal facetime along with plenty of time in peril.

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  • As usual the author writes with such realistic descriptions you feel the flames and the pain that every character is going through. Almost all the characters from both series were present, making this a mini reunion with all the feels! The story gets the adrenaline flowing on so many levels, delivering a sound storyline, fantastic characters, and an ending that will leave you satisfied! What could go wrong? But the hero of the day is Eric Hawke, the young fire chief who puts everything on the line for his town.

    It's helpful to have read some of Clarke's earlier works in both the I-team series and the Colorado High Country series. OR maybe get interested enough to read the stories that have come before. But better have tissues to hand! Literally this book was on fire. While training was suppose to take place for police, Marshall service in Scarlet Springs for the day, a fire has been set unknowingly to them as they head there for training on how to hunt fugitives in Rugged terrain.

    The characters we have been missing from the I-team series are front and center, while the beloved New Characrers of the Colorado Search and rescue team shine through, on the roughest 48 hours of their lives.