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She is the author of a book on the postmodern novel, Chronoschisms: Time, Narrative, Postmodernism Cambridge University Press, and, more recently, a book on environmentalism, ecocriticism, and globalization, Sense of Place and Sense of Planet: The Environmental Imagination of the Global Oxford University Press, She is currently working on a book project entitled The Avantgarde and the Forms of Nature , which deals with the role of biological form in works of the European, Latin American and North American avantgardes of the twentieth century.

Her current research project examines the relationship between enlightenment conceptions of the air in science and theology and the emergence of 'atmosphere' as a dimension of literary experience in the period. He has published widely on ecology, literature, food and eating, literary theory, and philosophy, including a recent article entitled "Queer Ecology" PMLA, forthcoming. His blog can be found here. Rather than reaching far beyond the text to give context, Morton is a cultural historian who uses the text to drill down into a European society and to explain how it became the bedrock of modern Western sensibilities.

These are also the people who brought us sandwiches, picnics, mineral water, vegetarianism, going out to ethnic restaurants -- and, in fact, visiting restaurants at all.


The idea of eating out at a restaurant was triggered when French cooks, fleeing for their lives in the revolution, found themselves setting up businesses -- restaurants -- in France and England. These were very different establishments from the traditional inns, Morton says. The French chefs offered menus. About the same time, the British had their own political confrontation with "freedom fries" when fish and chips crossed the Channel with French immigrants. The Romantic poets of the s and '30s became trend setters whose views prevail today in Western society, Morton says.

Vegetarianism, for instance, was for the first time a wide-spread movement embraced by intellectuals such as writers Percy and Mary Shelley. Also during the Romantic period, the British quest for adventure abroad -- plus experience in foreign colonies -- brought home to England ethnic restaurants, Morton points out.

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Morton has also researched the 18th-century fascination with drugs and alcohol. While vegetarians such as the Shelleys disdained alcohol and drugs as being unhealthy, many in England were attracted to inexpensive ways to get intoxicated. It was seen as being seriously addicting. When Morton proposed to his Oxford dons that his doctoral thesis be on the link between Percy Shelley's poetry and his ideas about food and drink, the idea fell flat.

But he persisted, eventually turning an approved dissertation into his first book, Shelley and the Revolution in Taste: The Body and the Natural World, in The ground-breaking scholarship helped launch a popular field of study among English literature scholars.

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His new edited volume shows the growth of scholarly interest in the field. Citing Literature. Volume 6 , Issue 5 September Pages Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure.

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