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We recommend building a landing page using one of our pre-made templates to capture data or write a useful blog post formatted with some of the tips mentioned here and include the inline opt-in form to collect email. This can give you a big traffic spike depending on your list size. Keep growing your email list and watch your traffic grow. As your traffic grows your social engagement should follow and result in more traffic to your site. Free Ebooks are one of the most popular forms of content by marketers, which are generally given away as incentives for subscribing to an email list.

These are great for generating exposure and allowing for shareability of your content. Write a valuable free report or guide around your topic. You can embed links in the report content and footer, linking back to your articles and landing pages.

27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 12222

As more people read your ebook they will click the links taking them back to your site. Look how Bitly have a collection of free ebooks available for download with lots of links in the content taking you back to Bitly. Meeting someone in person builds real trust and genuine credibility. Use this opportunity to arrange future meetings or hand out business cards. Create a custom landing page related to your event. Hand your cards or flyers out at events. Medium is a Social Site allowing you to write stories about anything.

User Friendliness is Key

The benefits of using this service are that it allows you to broadcast your content to a wider audience who are already there reading stories. Medium makes it very easy to publish content or setup publications. People can follow you, comment on your stories and like your content. Some marketers have even begun republishing blog content to medium in the hope of it being found and reaching a wider audience.

Carve a niche out within your existing niche or even encourage your team to publish their own stories. You could write about another topic in your business or write something completely different. If you work in a mundane office job answering phones but have a desire to start an online business you could write about your journey. A great example of using Medium in business is how Buffer have started stories where their staff write about what they learn. LinkedIn is commonly known as the social network for business. It allows you to connect and network with other business owners as well as create your own business profile, listing your accolades and past work experience.

25 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

The Pulse feature allows you to submit news announcements of your company, similar to Medium but contained within the social network. A great way to spread your message and to increase exposure in your chosen category. Write useful articles about your niche directly into LinkedIn Pulse and throughout the articles and link back to related content on your own site. Head over to LinkedIn and start publishing. Reddit is a community-based website that allows for sharing content and taking part in active discussions.

Be warned self-promoting is not like so be careful. If you provide enough value you can get away with it just.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Do it well and it can be a great traffic source. But I repeat myself. Self-promoting is not liked. Help people or the Reddit community will tear you apart like a teddy bear given to a new puppy. With Snip. This benefits of this are it allows you to place your links next to brands that are popular and well known, which will build your authority and create a stronger brand. Setup is quick and easy with a very simple user interface; allowing you to get started right away.

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Testimonials are good for a number of reasons. First, it allows you to connect with other business owners in your niche by leaving a positive review on their products and services. This creates reciprocity and the chance to be seen by their own audience who have an interest in what you have to offer. Be a case study for someone. If you have purchased a product, write up a complete study of using the product and share your results. Either by a direct link or visual URL of your site. People who are curious will search for you. For case studies, include links in your case study back to your own site or landing pages.

If the case study is published on another site ask for links back.

7 Dead Simple Ways to Bring People Back to Your Site - Increase Your Website Traffic

Email signatures, while simple at its heart provides you with the ability to include links in the footer of your emails. How many emails do you send a day?

How Pros Make Money Online

How many emails have you sent that have may have been forwarded on? We are not talking about email blasts, we mean emails that you send directly from your phone or mail account to family, friends, accountants, property inquiries, school parents kids, or sport teams. Some friends and family might not even know the existence of your business or website.

Show Up in Search

This will allow new prospects and visitors to view your website. You could write something enticing to encourage them to click through, like a free report or article. Do you have any processes in your business or niche that can be automated for your customers? This is common in most financial companies offering mortgage advice, loan calculators and currency conversion. See this example of it below. Look for ways you can automate parts of your business that will allow your customers to find a solution quickly and efficiently.

This will create shareability, allowing viral exposure of your business with the aid of effective tools that would benefit your market. First, you need to create a niche related tool or resource that is extremely useful, solves a problem or is the ultimate resource. You could collect emails within the tool or make it compulsory before using. Bring those people into your email loop and send them to your blog posts. Referral programs are excellent for generating viral traffic and getting your visitors to share.

Many brands and companies typically use this strategy to great effect and are commonly used during a product or software launch. A perfect example of this is how Dropbox grew by asking people to refer friends and gain more storage space. Think of things in your product line right now that you can run a referral program on.

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Referrals and affiliate programs are very similar. Referrals carry more weight as they are like word of mouth marketing from friend to friends. Affiliate referrals and traffic are often money driven and sent to everyone. Slideshare is a public presentation service that allows you to create presentations, upload them and have them consumed and shared by the general public.

If you have previously created presentations for talk or video then repurpose this on Slideshare. Some presentations get thousands of views.

Visually they are easy to digest and can force people through learning steps by using individual slides. Under each SlideShare, you can add a link back to your site. You can also include text rules in the slide content.

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