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Perhaps incidentally, perhaps deliberately, Netflix also chose to confirm the release date on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster 26th April. With the nuclear plant in Winden playing a significant role of the events of Dark, the timing seems telling.

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Showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese have promised that season two, made up of eight new episodes, will include new characters and new time levels, both in the past and the future. This page will be updated with more details closer to release. Watch on Netflix. Netflix has announced that Dark will be a trilogy, with a third instalment to follow in When is Dark season two released on Netflix?

A Dark Season

The first page of the script for Dark season two Netflix. Click here. Here's how to fix your settings. Noah and Helge on season one of Netflix's "Dark.

The first season of "Dark" set up Noah as the villain of the series, a man seemingly embattled in an eternal fight with Claudia for control of time travel. But season two revealed that Noah was a believer in a larger prophecy and a leader named Adam who's really an older and disfigured Jonas. As we learn on the third episode of season two, "Ghosts," Noah once worked under Claudia but something went horribly wrong in their relationship. When Claudia then implies that this entire confrontation is just one more predetermined event, Noah tells her he's no longer her "pawn.

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He's selling you the illusion of freedom. Ask yourself if you are really free. If you were really free, you'd have a choice. Do you have a choice? Noah then shoots and kills Claudia, though we see this Old-Claudia more later on the season because she was bouncing through time prior to her death. At least, that's our assumption.

Is it possible there's a second Claudia around, just as we saw a second Martha? Again more on that later.

Read more: 23 questions the second season of Netflix's 'Dark' left unanswered. Elizabeth and Charlotte on season one of "Dark.

Dark Season 2: Lingering Questions Season 3 Needs to Answer

Noah finds something troubling in the pages of notes he finds on Claudia, and travels to to speak with his daughter, Charlotte. Despite his previous devotion to Adam and the prophecy, Noah is now breaking faith with Adam. He tells Charlotte that he only did the awful things like kill children "so that it will one day no longer happen.

Noah is Charlotte's father, and Charlotte's mother is her own daughter Elizabeth. At the end of season two, we see that Young Noah and Young Elizabeth are in the bunker together when the Apocalypse happens. Presumably they grow older together and eventually Elizabeth got pregnant with Charlotte. Sometime after Charlotte was born, she was taken by an unknown person and brought back in time. Charlotte was raised by H. Tannhaus, never knowing who or where or when her parents were.

She then got together with Peter, and they had Franziska and Elisabeth — who's both Charlotte's daughter and mother. Tannhaus is the clockmaker who built the time machine. But you were here the entire time. Adam knew it was you, he knew it the whole time. He is preparing for what comes afterwards. I read the last pages. The nuclear plant, Jonas — it'll all happen again. The apocalypse … in two days. But I now know what I must do. I have to end Adam, so everyone lives. Not just those in the bunker. Noah realizing Adam had the answer to his search the entire time was the breaking point.

But Noah failed to kill Adam, and was instead shot and killed by his sister Agnes. While the first season of "Dark" left us believing Noah and Claudia were fighting for control of time travel, the second season shows us the much larger picture. Apparently Jonas and Claudia are waging a war against his older self "Adam.

Adam claims to be Jonas, but is that true? This Adam person has a face covered in scar tissue, making him unrecognizable as any character we had already met.

'Dark' Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and More on Netflix's Time-Travel Drama

But he says he's Jonas, simply older and with a physical body that has been changed after time traveling many times. The younger Jonas wishes to keep the people of Winden alive and break the cycle of awfulness plaguing their families. Adam says he wants to create a new world, one in which time — and therefore God — does not exist. Part of this plan for creating a new world, which he also refers to as "paradise" and seems to be touting as part of a prophecy to the Sic Mundus group, involves making sure all of the year-cycle events from to happen.

That Sic Mundus will lead people into paradise.

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Is this that? A religion? Declared war on God. We're creating a new world, without time, without God. Jonas is seen in many different stages of life. A physical law, with which one can negotiate as little as one can with one's own fate. God is time.

And time is not merciful. We are born, and our life is already trickling away like the sand in this hourglass. Death is forever inevitably before us. Our fate is nothing but a concatenation of cause and effect. In light and in shadow. At one point on season two, Adam lies to the Younger Jonas and tells him there's a loophole which will stop the cycles.

He says that will stop Mikkel from traveling back to , and in turn will make it so that Jonas himself is never born. Claudia enters the room, too, and effectively tells both Jonas and Mikkel that their roles in this war are larger than they realize. Claudia tells Jonas he must wage war against Adam, and together they head back into the caves. We don't see what she tells Jonas next, but instead we see him appear to the younger Claudia in when she is distressed over killing her father.

Next time. Taking Adam at his word and assuming he really is an older Jonas, there's still so much we don't know about how or why Jonas would become the master manipulator of the Sic Mundus group. The presence of an older Magnus and Franziska following him in a very cult-like manner just throws more questions onto the pile.

How did they all come to be in that facility? Who built it, and when? Was Adam the one who made the metal doorway for the cave?