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Added to Cart. A Place for Everything Whether you need storage for books, DVDs, games or clothes, you'll find attractive, custom options in this book. Open shelving? An enclosed cabinet? A classic bookcase? They're all here. Building Bookcases, Cabinets and Shelves offers 29 storage solutions in a variety of styles and sizes with both open and enclosed storage.

Each project includes cutting lists, step-by-step instructions and tips and advice from professional woodworkers who have made each piece. Best of all, you can build them just as they are, or customize further to make each piece uniquely yours. Country Furniture That Says Quality Country furniture styles convey a sense of simple comfort and the warmth of hearth and home. While some country furniture can be rustic, the pieces included in Traditional Country Furniture are of quality construction and design, drawing from the best of traditional American furniture styles.

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Each furniture piece includes step-by-step photos and instructions, with a variety of skill levels represented. Projects include: ul li Kentucky sideboard li li Blanket chest li li Country wall shelf li li Tavern table li li Burlington Farmer's Desk li li Drop-leaf kitchen table li li Tall clock li li and more li u.. Learn all about the most versatile tool in your shop What can a router add to your woodworking? Simple and complicated joinery for boxes, cabinetry, tables, chairs, doors and much more.

You can produce a dizzying array of decorative edge and surface treatments--from a basic chamfer or roundover, to intricate intarsia and inlay. When you do it for real you might want a helper eyeballing. On the cheap. Glue a piece of sandpaper around a hole cutout, then mount it on a bolt with lock nuts — instant drum sander!

Or not. Then assemble your lap desk with the clamping knobs. PWM Mag is a Canadian woodworker, television producer, writer, comedian and actress. Read her very funny blog at toolgirl. We offer a free online manual in PDF format that explains all the tools and shows you how to perform the basic operations in a step-by-step format.

Information beyond the basic dimensions of the original box plus a determination that the piece dated to around establishing it as Queen Anne in period , was not to be found. I contacted a reliable source to see what could be dug up. Again, not much to go on — but I did receive information on when the box was sold at auction.

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Unfortunately, the auction catalog included no photos of, or written information about, the interior of the box — I would have to make an educated guess as to the arrangement of small drawers behind the door. I decided to go with a common drawer arrangement. Also, there was no mention of secret compartments in the antique box, but spice boxes need a couple extra hiding places. Spice boxes have captured my attention for many years. When I discover a.

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Holy cow! Here the eye-catching drawer fronts are selected for striking grain, but there are other surprises hidden within. Can you see them? With all the great features stuffed into this box, who could keep from going directly into the shop? Laying the Foundation As with most spice boxes, the prominent feature on this one is the door. You could easily begin construction there and build the box, drawers and feet around it. Begin and end each layout with a half pin. Cut your pins in the top and bottom pieces then form the rabbet.

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I made rabbets using a table saw, but a router setup would work handily. After mating tails are made in the case sides, lay out and mark the locations for the horizontal shelves that divide the drawer banks. Accuracy is a must, so establish the shelf locations at the front edge of one side, then transfer the marks to the second side. Working at the front ensures that any small variations are pushed toward the back.

Before moving on, use a chisel to square the front edge of each dado. The rabbets extend from the bottom edge of the case top to the top edge of the case bottom.

Mark those points on the case sides then use a straightedge and pattern bit to cut away the waste. Finish the stopped rabbets using chisels to peel away the waste.

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Money-saving Feature Shelves and vertical dividers are made from glued-up primary and secondary woods to save lumber and keep costs down. Mill, assemble. To keep all the front edges aligned, dado lengths need to be changed.

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Lay out, mark, then cut dados in the shelves for the dividers making sure to keep the dividers square to the shelves. Again, accuracy is key. Hit the brakes. A simple shop-made jig helps in cutting the shelf dados. Accurately hit the stopping point each time by marking where the router base stops on the jig. New mark. Use the same jig, but adjust the stop-cut mark. Assemble the box, mark the start and stop points for the door rabbet, then clean the bulk of the waste using a router. Accuracy is a must.

How Shaker Furniture is constructed- What makes a quality piece?

Keeping dividers square to the shelf is best done using a combination square. Use the point of a chisel to scribe an exact cutline — the scribe also helps locate your handsaw for the cut. More for the money. Second position. With the dados cut in the shelves, cut the dividers to length and slip them into the appropriate dados. Slip the divider into position then mark the exact cut. Begin by milling your stock to thickness. Chuck the bit into a router table, then remove the bearing. Position the fence to use the entire cutting surface of the router bit as shown in the photo above left.

Run this cut. To solidify the assembly, add a couple tiny glue blocks inside the compartment where the divider meets the two backs. There is no bit profile that Adding mouldings to the box is simple, but before getting to that, sand the dovetailed area of the box to grit. Where the mouldings meet at the front, the ends are mitered. Cuts at the back are square. Excess glue is captured in the relief cut. Band-sawn Feet Due to limited cutting height at my band saw — I have yet to install a riser block — I learned to make ogee bracket feet using a table saw. However, with feet the size needed for this project, the band saw is the perfect machine to use.

Pattern On the level. To keep mouldings aligned, work with the box and mouldings placed directly on the bench. Remember: Mouldings attach to the box, not to the bench. Mitered or dovetailed.