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Children Close Thesaurus. Other entries for this word. Related words. Synonyms and related words. Keeping and training animals: answer to the name of , call off , cat litter Explore Thesaurus. To make something better: improve , enhance , remedy To limit or control something or someone: draw a line in the sand , limit , control Simply persist with your soft words and unthreatening hand-in-the-cage routine, and let the budgie accept you at his own pace.

It is certainly true that older budgies tend to get set in their ways — but, again, that would apply to males too. They tend to bite harder, too, and whereas a male nip is not usually a problem, a female bite can sometimes be painful. See Taming Budgies Not to Bite, below.

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A hen budgie in the mating season may be hard to handle, and even a tamed bird can lapse into an apparently untamed state. She can become territorial and broody, and your hand, in these situations, is nothing other than an unwanted invader. Persevere, and eventually the hormonal fit will pass.

If your bird is particularly nervous or belligerent, you can try training with a millet-loaded stick rather than an easy-to-peck finger. Check her diet, too - too much protein can stimulate the mating urge. In Australia, budgies are sometimes taken from the wild. Beyond Australia, you are very unlikely to meet a wild-derived budgie. Any bird beyond the age of six months who has not had much human contract will behave in a similar manner to a wild bird.

Taming two birds at the same time is no trickier than taming one. In fact, the moral support they give each other can often speed things up.

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Once the braver of the two has hopped onto your finger for the first time, the second is likely to follow. A biting budgie can become a problem — you will not be too keen to handle him, making your chances of taming him very slim.

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Budgies are generally very good-natured, but you do occasionally find one who seems to lash out at every opportunity. All is not lost, though. Addressing the following questions will help you over the tricky period.

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My two budgies can make themselves really small to fit in a vegetable basket I bought them. They first pull out all of the Vegas and then each one takes turns climbing into the basket.. But they somehow make themselves small enough to fit in the basket. How do they too that?

Giving up is easy while persevering can be hard. They don't attack or bite out of malice. If they're grouchy or not responding then they're lacking something in their life, usually human contact, especially if it's the only bird you have. You have to be able to read their actions. I've owned and trained all types of parrots over the years. Birds require a LOT more attention than cats or dogs and will be extremely unhappy if they don't get the interaction or time out of the cage.

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Aggression is an early sign of this and lack of trust. Continuing the same can lead to a bird getting more deeply depressed which could also leave to them plucking their feathers out and becoming even more aggressive.

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Toucans are extremely difficult to keep healthy and happy in captivity. Budgies can be around for up to 20 years or so. That's 20 years of the owner having a 2 year old child to deal with every single day. I bought budgies from a pet shop where there were many budgies in bit big size cage.

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No human contact. After a week ,I opened the cage in a room.