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Temperate rainforests Some temperate forests receive so much rain they are sometimes called rainforests. The great Douglas fir and hemlock forests of the United States' Pacific Northwest and Canada's British Colombia receive more than 2, mm of rain a year.


They are dominated by coniferous trees. Another type of temperate, evergreen rainforest occurs in Chile, South America.

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Here there is a great diversity of broadleaved trees including the Southern Beech. Deciduous forests Broadleaved trees have big, thin-skinned leaves which allow them to absorb maximum sunlight.

Forest, Temperate

These leaves are delicate and vulnerable to winter winds, frost and snow. Broadleaved trees that grow in colder areas shed their leaves in winter - they are deciduous.

In autumn, the leaves turn beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow before they drop off the trees. Temperate forest includes familiar deciduous woodlands such as those dominated by oak or beech as well as the great coniferous forests of Russia and Canada and corresponding southern latitudes. The definition also includes the montane forests of the Andes, Southeast Asia and Africa and the pine forests of India, Pakistan and China.

Temperate Forest

The narrow zones of montane forests are particularly vulnerable. Those in the Colombian and Ecuadorean Andes, for example, are some of the most endangered tracts in the world. In such regions forest is often lost through population pressure, with the poor forced to farm in more marginal lands higher up the mountains.

But the biggest threat to temperate forests is logging. Chile provides a classic example.

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The result has been widespread devastation. Since the s many biologically rich areas, some with as many as 20 tree species and flowering plants, have been replaced with plantations. Although this now provides most of the logs for export, the loss of native forest continues. According to Lara, native species provided 52 per cent of wood chips exported in Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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