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Adele repeats the chorus quite a few times with slight variations and thus overall it seems to be longer.

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But the number of unique words used by both of them is almost the same vs The number of unique words common to both the songs is 34, which shows that the vocabulary used is quiet different. To compare the context for the usage of the same word in both the songs we can use a word tree. We can see a theme of longing for an old lover.

While Adele is apologetic, Tom Waits confesses that he is still in love with Martha. Also this is not the first time that Adele is calling him and we know that her calls are being ignored.


They are both longing for their younger days. This hooker with a heart of gold narrative is certainly less patronising than most, a darkly funny scenario that also stirs in us a sense of pity.

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The singer had no objections to the cop show; he did, however, take umbrage with Levis, forcing the brand to make a grovelling apology in Billboard magazine after he took them through the European courts. Car manufacturers Audi in Spain and Opel in Scandinavia have also found themselves embroiled in costly litigation over the use of his music.

The Words We Use When We Talk About Tom Waits

Johnsburg, Illinois has no intention of reinventing the wheel, however, and what a treat it is, one so tantalisingly short that you want to put it on again and again. Commencing with a Gallic accordion flourish, it tangos along with the pinched staccato guitar notes of longtime collaborator Marc Ribot, perhaps best exemplifying that Waitsian sound.

Rain Dogs is also catchy as hell, in a stealthy kind of a way.

Each repetition of that phrase is a purging act of release. Suddenly, in , he was becoming more bellicose, more lyrically direct and more overtly political, too. You suspect that after he quit drinking in the mids, the Tom Waits caricature became ever more grotesque, a kind of inverse and publicly decaying Dorian Gray, while the contented family man got to bring up his children and continue romancing his wife.

The repartee, the tall tales and the sophistry are all surely to deflect attention from the person behind this carnival of madness.

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All three were unusually to the point and angry. Hell Broke Luce is the noisiest of the bunch, evoking the feeling of being at war, where you can smell the morning napalm and you want to take cover from the falling bombs and the deafening yell of the NCOs.

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Working in an industry that until recently was obsessed with youth, Waits is one of those rare artists who is improved the more wizened he becomes, and the more he resembles an old baseball glove. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Tom Waits 10 of the best.

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